Tool Steel Retainers for #26955, #26956, #26957 Springs

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COMP Cams® Lightweight Tool Steel Retainers for #26955, #26956, #26957 springs provide the best of all valve train benefits: light weight, as well as exceptional strength and wear characteristics. Approximately 33% lighter than conventional chromemoly steel retainers and only 2-4 grams heavier than titanium (depending upon application), they are made from high-grade Tool Steel, making them able to withstand even the most demanding race applications.

Retainer Material: Tool Steel
Lock Angle: 10
Valve Stem Size: All
Valve Spring Diameter: 1.437-1.500
Diameter 1: 1.375
Diameter 2: 1.035
Diameter 3: 0.71
Valve Spring Retainer Diagram