Tool Steel Solid/Mechanical Lifters: Ford-2

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Applications – Ford

Specs – .875" diameter; 76g weight; 1.88" seat height

Tool Steel Lifters from COMP Cams® are engineered from M2-grade Tool Steel for its hardness and ability to resist abrasion. Lighter weight but with the same strength as regular steel, these heavy-duty lifters feature DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), making them perfect for use on cams using steel cores. The DLC, multi-layer coating provides the lifters with extremely slick and hard surface properties. This makes them resistant to abrasive wear in extreme contact pressure environments and compatible with almost any camshaft material. This wear resistance coating also lowers the amount of power required to run an engine’s valve train, as well as lowers friction, heat and oil temperatures.

  • Extremely tough and strong, yet lighter in weight than regular steel
  • DLC coating gives lifters slick and hard surface properties
  • Wear resistance requires less power to run valve train and lowers friction, heat and oil temps
  • Three diameters available in DLC coated, non-coated and non-coated EDM versions