WKA Limited Modified Animal Cam: Cast Core

Cast Core - New profile developed w/ top engine Animal builders for oval & road course, dirt & pavement racing

The GoParts™ WKA Limited Modified Cams are quickly becoming the preferred cam for engine builders and racers at all levels of competition. The COMP Cams® engineers spent extensive R&D time on these Spintron®-developed lobe designs to ensure these cams would deliver superior horsepower, torque, rpm range and durability versus any other cam on the market.Available in both a cast and billet core version, these cams utilize an advanced lobe design (.310” lift, .248° duration and 113° lobe separation) engineered to take full advantage of the WKA rulebook, yet pass tech inspection every time.

• Spintron®-developed lobe designs control damaging valve train harmonics

• The cam of choice for leading engine builders and racers on all levels

• Billet core offers “quick set” cam timing, narrowed gear for reduced friction and lightweight design for lower rotating mass

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