Xtreme 4x4 197/201 Hydraulic Cam for Jeep 4.0L 1964-98

Xtreme 4x4™ 197/201 Hydraulic Cam for Jeep 4.0L 1964-98 (Nitrided). For Rock Crawler applications. Excellent torque and throttle response. Works with stock heads and EFI.
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Engine Family: Jeep 199-258 c.i. 4.0L 6 Cyl. (1964-1998)
RPM Operating Range: 750-5,000
Grind Number: X4 242H-8
Cam Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet
Lifter Style: Hydraulic Flat Tappet
Camshaft Series: Xtreme 4x4
Usage: Rock Crawler
Advertised Intake Duration: 242
Advertised Exhaust Duration: 246
Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 197
Exhaust Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 201
Intake Valve Lift: 0.450
Exhaust Valve Lift: 0.450
Lobe Separation: 108